The Livity Collection s/s 2012 by Lyana Meazza is representing the meeting point of african patterns, contemporary arts and eco-sustainable fabrics.
Art direction and Shooting by Carolina Amoretti
Editing by Tymnah Pyka
Font Design by Eduardo Leon
Track : Shackleton-Blood on my hands


Thinking about the past and the present and the future that we do not know, mixing a reflection of right and wrong,we remain in balance and our uncertainty.
We are, the good and the bad, and what you knead.

                                                               TO BE OR NOT TUBI

Se succede qualcosa di brutto si beve per dimenticare;

se succede qualcosa di bello si beve per festeggiare;

e se non succede niente si beve per far succedere qualcosa.

Se bevo, e' per rendere gli altri interessanti.
Bere non e' la risposta ma bevendo ti dimentichi la domanda che ti sei fatto.

                                                                    HOME, THIRD SKIN

Home, the third skin collection by Valentina Poletti.
It is the story of a journey, of an environmental change, it is a story of the current time, designed out of time, all the rest is left to the imaginary.
Director Video :  Carolina Amoretti
Editing : Valentina Poletti


"Sognando si impara"

                                                               THE THREE WISE MEN

A conceptual self portrait project realized in Fabrica, for the Benetton digital windows.
Projected in the store of Milan, Moscow, Shangai during the Christmas time of 2010.
                                                   "STAGE IN A JOURNEY"

Backstage_ fashion show ss 13 _MIlan_Di Alessandro Enriquez per

                                                        "GUM" HAIR PRODUCTS